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    Gast Frank gaf de volgende beoordeling
    op 17-07-2017, vakantieperiode: juli 2017

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    Gast Hannah schreef
    op 16-01-2016

    “Ik heb niet zo veel over de plaats kennen voordat hij. Tijdens ons verblijf, was ik echt verbaasd over hoeveel levensmiddelen kunt u zien en te bezoeken. Bijvoorbeeld, hier kunt u de Romeinse warmwaterbronnen (Porretta Terme), de kleine dorpjes in de nabije zijn zo lief en vol geschiedenis, de kastelen te krijgen, de berg (de hoogste is 2000 m), waar u kunt een mountainbike rijden of gewoon lopen .... en het meer van Suviana is zeer ontspannend. Restaurants zijn zo wijdverspreid in dit gebied dat ik niet kon geloven. En als je wilt naar Florence, Toscane of Bologna te bezoeken, je bent precies in het midden, je kunt ze ook krijgen door de trein die in het dorp station.”

    Deze mening over de plaats is bij objectnr. 1020684 afgegeven. De beoordeling over de plaats is machinaal uit het Italiaans vertaald. Naar de oorspronkelijke taal

Zo omschreven verhuurders van vakantiehuizen Porretta Terme

Porretta Terme is a characteristic town where the rivers Reno and Rio Maggiore pass through it, surrounded by the green hills of the Apennine Tosco-Emiliano.
Famous for his thermal bath, it offers a large number of attractions to meet the needs of any kind of tourist.

Porretta and the Roman ...
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The spa waters of Porretta Terme are 2000 years old. Legend has it that the curative properties of its waters were discovered thanks to a sick ox. The ox, too weak to pull a plough, was released by its owner and during its wanderings drank at the Spa spring where it found renewed vigour. Since that day the healed ox has been the emblem of the Porretta Spa Centres..

Immersed in a tranquil atmosphere and the luxuriance of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, 400 metres above sea-level, Porretta invites you to dive into the precious waters of ancient spas, appreciated by the Etruscans and Romans, where Machiavelli stayed while writing the “Mandragola”, and where the nobility, intellectuals, artists and guests from all Italian states gathered at the close of the nineteenth century.

The Regional Park of the Lakes Suviana and Brasimone
The Natural Park of the Lakes of Suviana and Brasimone (also known as "Lake Park"), extends in the central Upper Bologna Apennines, on the border with Tuscany, and includes part of the mountain basins of the rivers of Limentra Treppio and Brasimone . The territory is characterized by the presence of three artificial lakes: Suviana, Brasimone and Santa Maria.

Visit Tuscany and Bologna
The geographical position of Porretta is a perfect place for people who want to visit the Tuscan beauties as Pistoia and Montecatini or for the ones who want to see Bologna enjoying its entertainments.
The railway line​ Bologna-Pistoia is a comfort with the station of Porretta placed exactly in the halfway.
This path is suggested to get the two cities without riding the car and to enjoy during the trip of the naturalistic beauties that the Apennine offers.

Trekking, Mountain Bike and Ski on our Mountains
The naturalistic offer of the place is capable to satisfy the most enthusiast lovers of trekking, mountain bike and ski. Among the many parks that make this place unique for his beauty, it must be signalled Corno alle Scale (2000 meters high), the highest peak of the Bolognese homonymous protected natural park. Ideal during summer to practice mountain biking, paragliding and hiking, during winter it's populated by the lovers of the winter sports, thanks to the 36 kilometers of trails for all the difficulty levels.

The Best Restaurants Around You
Mortadella, “ragù alla Bolognese”, tortellini, lasagne, tagliatelle, bollito and certosino are only some of the products that made Bologna famous around the world, without forgetting the mythical "sfogline". It's equally well known the wines DOC of the Bolognesi Hills, including the typical Pignoletto.
For those wishing to taste Tuscan specialities, Ribollita and Fiorentina will not fail to satisfy all palates in the numerous restaurants and inns that populate the area.
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bron: Perlati
Gezinsvriendelijke badplaats mit warme bronnen in het binnenland van de streek, in het dal, 60 km van Bologna, 75 km van Firenze, 35 km van Pistoia. In de plaats: supermarkt, levensmiddelenwinkels, bakkerij, post, bank, restaurant, bar. Overdekt zwembad, kuurfaciliteiten. Wegverbindingen: snelweg a1 Milano - Rome, afrit ''Sasso Marconi''. Station ter ...
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plaatse. Bij aankomst per vliegtuig: luchthaven Bologna (blq) 65 km, Firenze (flr) 80 km.

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bron: HHD AG | Interhome

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  • Objectnr. 1670546
    vanaf EUR 530
    voor 1 week

    Porretta Terme, Emilia-Romagna (provincie Bologne)

    Vakantiehuis voor max. 4 personen

    Ca. 95 m², 2 slaapkamers, 1 badkamer, huisdieren zijn toegestaan (max. 2), tv, internet, wifi, wasmachine,
  • Objectnr. 981344
    vanaf EUR 593
    voor 1 week

    Porretta Terme, Emilia-Romagna (provincie Bologne)

    Vakantiehuis voor max. 5 personen

    Ca. 95 m², 2 slaapkamers, 1 badkamer, huisdieren zijn toegestaan (max. 2), tv, internet, wifi, wasmachine, strand ca. 8 km,